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Work by 栗原@進撃

Work by 栗原@進撃

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想死君I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. { x }



I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. { x }
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I have received permission from the artist to repost their work. Please DO NOT reproduce their work without proper permission!! { x }
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Work by 栗原@進撃

Work by 栗原@進撃

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finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters


watching an ongoing series where the plot’s become embarassing and boring but still being attached to the story and its characters


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that feel when mindreading boyfriends

and moms

How are there still 80 of you? I pretty much abandoned this




babblr is hacking blogs right now so if you signed up you NEED to change your email for tumblr! They are hacking and even deleting accounts so what you need to do is go to the screw icon next to inbox and click on it then where it says ‘Email address’ change your current one to something else! Hurry before its too late also please spread the word xx 


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Football game between German and British troops during the Christmas Day 1914 truce.



Football game between German and British troops during the Christmas Day 1914 truce.

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Exhibition or Presentation Russian Kastane

  • Dated: 1850
  • Provenance: Comte de Nesselrode, Château de Tzarevtchina (Governement de Saratov, Russia)
  • Goldmish: Ignatii Pavlovitch Sazikov
  • More on the Kastane Sword

Mounted in heavily cast and chased silver-gilt, the hilt in traditional Sinhalese style elaborately decorated with guilloche, fluting and panels of engraved foliage and florets, with the pommel and quillon formed as the stylised heads of lions and the ogee-shaped knucklebow emerging at the quillon from the mouth of a beast and terminating at the pommel in the stylised head of a dragon.

The eyes of all the beasts on the hilt formed of cabochon-cut garnets or rubies – that on the nearside of the pommel replaced; below the quillon block the hilt widens to form a stepped collar into which are struck the maker’s mark of the St Petersburg court goldsmith Ignatii Pavlovitch Sazikov, the standard mark for 84 zolotniki and the assay master’s mark for Dmitri Tverskoy with the date 1850.

The wide blade of reduced Ottoman kiliç form in Damascus steel of Kirk Narduban pattern, with residual openwork panels of gilding either side of its back edge and a raised forte terminating in chiselled mihrab-style points. The scabbard of heavily cast and chased silver-gilt, decorated overall with foliage and guilloche.

The near- and off-sides set with blue and green cabochon-cut turquoises, the chape formed as a stylised dragon’s head, the back edge decorated with a pattern of overlapping scales and fitted with two loose rings in multifaceted mounts and the upper part formed of two bands of elongated hexagons.

Source & Copyright: Peter Finer

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Sometimes I try to explain things to people, my friends on Skype mostly about things that may or may not be questionable. I usually do this in hopes that they would understand the reasons behind them cause usually it seems all people do is bash something with out giving it a second though. Ok somethings don’t require a second thought but a lot do and thats what I try for. 

It seems though that if this view happens to be against what is accepted even if the point of it is that it’s not really accepted I can’t really explain anything with out someone making rude remarks. when the point of this is ‘look understand it’s deeper than someone being a douche and I know it’s a douche thing to think but understand they have an understandable reason for being a douche’

The latest example is when I try to truthfully answer the most common question in a multicultural class I have ever heard. ‘Why does Europe hate immigrants?’

The answer is always ‘they are afraid they will take their jobs’ but since my mom is actually from Europe, central Europe and country that has never invaded another country in it’s history and she’s willing to answer these questions she told me that that’s not the real reason, it’s part of it but it’s a lot deeper

The fact that everyone of these little countries has a lot of pride with being different from their neighbours to the point where someone could walk down the street and someone can tell where they’re from. Their cultures are so in grained into their mind that if they moved they’d have a hard time fitting in else where and they like that. They don’t like immigrants because they’re afraid of loosing those minor differences that make them who they are. They want the immigrants to assimilate so they don’t all morph into similar traits and lose these differences.

I try explaining this and all I get is comments about how the ones that did colonize other places they happily tried to eradicate the culture there and that it’s wrong to force assimilatin and blah blah blah.

look, I’m from Canada thats a place where some one can immigrate there and do just fine with out learning anything about the place they’re living in now, some people never learn english and that’s fine because thats how what little of our own culture works but after I heard these reasons I understand and I sympathize with it. No one wants to lose what makes them even if they did the same to others.

I’m pointing out 2 things:

1.) there is a deeper reason, if you don’t agree with it then fine 

2.) we’re all hypocrites, we all will some day do something to something or someone that we find wrong or we say we will never do. If we were in these people’s shoes we would react the same way, even if we say we wouldn’t that is how we work

and I pointed out one other thing with this session

one can’t have a different opinion from what’s accepted or just explain why there are different opinions if the opinion isn’t accepted as a whole with out being mocked or thrashed or lectured into how it’s wrong.

I know there are things that just can’t be accepted but still… guys… what does this say about you if you react like this to everything?